Katie Pritchard: Storm Stud

event_header__5c88040e37dbf_1600v3200Daleks. Sinkholes. Powder Puffs. Seals. Spiders.

Ordinarily, these wouldn’t become the subject of a hit single, however there is nothing ordinary about Storm Stud. Through internal and external observation, Katie Pritchard introduces surrealism to musical comedy creating a whirlwind of energy, audience participation, and much-needed silliness.

Whilst I had no expectation prior to Storm Stud, the first five minutes somehow managed to come as a surprise. Having never watched a burlesque dancing Dalek before, Pritchard certainly knows how to make an entrance. Each of the following songs not only demonstrated musical talent, but also welcomed the audience out of the realms of normality. From sexy seals to playful powder puffs, Storm Stud ventures into material unlikely to have been attempted before, and it’s fantastically weird.

Typically, performers who partner surrealism and musical comedy tend to take the character role too seriously. Pritchard’s acceptance of the ridiculousness of the show is what makes her so likeable. Alongside her ability to be transparent through laughing at her own jokes to divulging unwanted criticisms. One criticism was to strengthen her observational comedy. Whilst this may have been unwanted, it was necessary as it featured heavily within the best received song of night. I’ll never look at a spider in the shower the same way again.

Pritchard’s talents are highlighted through the array of musical delivery, from dramatic ballads about a sinkhole to seductive jazz performed by a seal. Whilst the arbitrary topic of most songs evoked an initial laugh from the audience, some did rely on surrealism as the punchline. Including further gags in the lyrics always certified a louder laugh. For example, using an audience member to play a menstrual cup induced a sea of laughter. This was only escalated through consistent and accurate observation. Pritchard was right. Two sizes really won’t fit all.

The likeable, energetic and fun nature of Katie Pritchard’s Storm Stud is addictive enough to encourage an audience to attend future shows. By including songs with consistent gags that don’t rely on surrealism, alongside tighter observations, Pritchard has great potential. If you are looking for a quick break from reality, enter the world of light-hearted silliness with Storm Stud.

Catch the show at the Edinburgh Fringe here –


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